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The Crown is Survival Minecraft server, dedicated to providing high quality entertainment and gameplay to all Minecraft players. Ever since our launch on 21 February 2023, we have been successfully maintaining that high level of player satisfaction that we always aim to achieve.


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Latest Announcement

What's new today? Since our last announcement, I have introduced:

Additionally, IT'S FRIDAY. What do we do on a Friday? We give rewards to the top 3 players (minus Admin and above) on the monthly playtime leaderboard:

Each person listed above will receive 2 easter crate keys and $500,000

Latest Server Update - 63

I plan to remove the creative builder world.

We currently have no builders, and don't plan on bringing new ones onto the team.

That being said, I will be going through people's /homes, and if there are any in that world, they will be wiped.

If you built anything there, you have a week to request it to be moved to the survival world.

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